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Due to the increasing spread of the Corona virus, we want to inform you here about the current effects on deliveries for you as a customer.
MMstore closely monitors developments regarding the spread of COVID-19 and focuses on reducing the virus's impact on our customers' logistics chains and operations while ensuring the safety of our employees. The Corona situation has so far had relatively little impact on international trade and transport. At present, only a few countries have imposed restrictions or other measures that have a direct impact on transport to and from each country, but the measures are intended to reduce the risk of contagion by minimizing travel. is not shipping to following countries: 

  • France
  • Italy

Domestic (Sweden) - Nothing to report at this time.
Foreign - Deliveries to agents become problems in the countries that are closed down. At present, this only applies to France as there is no home delivery option there. In Austria, for example, closing is being prepared, where home deliveries must be chosen as an alternative.

Some areas in Spain, Italy and France are turned off.
Otherwise no major problems but there may be delays, especially Economy, if capacity is affected.

UPS has noticed disturbances in FR, IT, ES, AT and US with longer lead times. In these, there are delivery problems as deliveries cannot be made to stores or offices, or certain postal code areas, which are closed. In these cases, the packets will be returned to the sender.

PostNord can currently receive shipments for promotion to the countries below. The transport of mail and parcels will in many cases take place on land or at sea and may take longer than usual.
All countries in the EU
Hong Kong
channel Islands
San Marino
South Korea
Vatican City
They work to find ways to send shipments to other countries in the world, but are currently unable to receive mail and parcels other than the above countries.
From 16 March, shipments to other countries will still be stored at PostNord until it is possible to forward them.